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Client Testimonials

Listen to what people are saying about Dr. Joe:

"Dear Joe:

I was recently in your office for my annual dental check up and wanted to acknowledge the great level of service that I was provided by your team.

I always feel your team has a genuine interest in making sure the needs of the patients (customers) are being met-from scheduling my appointment, services provided and follow-up.

I appreciate the commitment your team shows to patient care!"

Maria Traina
Director of Human Resources

"I had some dental work done at Dr Joseph Grimaud's dental office last year. The edges of my two front teeth were broken and I needed them fixed. Dr Grimaud suggested that I whiten my teeth before he fixed them. I'm so glad that he did. Dr Grimaud did a great job on my teeth. I love the way they look now and I can smile with confidence knowing that they look totally natural and white".

Dave Lukitsch

"At my first visit to Watson Pointe Dental in 2006. It had been years since I had worked with a dentist. With my history I had trouble trusting anybody getting that close to me. However my mouth was in pain. Dr Joe and his staff were incredible. They spent lot of time working with me, explaining what they were doing as they went along. I can tell Dr. Joe puts a good deal of time preparing for his client's comfort and time constraints. For example, he has a digital X-ray. It was great. Got my pics(x-rays) the quick and easy way. Not only did this preemptive care fix the pain in my mouth, it's going to save me money in the long run."

Sean T Miller
Certified Personal Trainer

Dear Dr. Grimaud,

Thank you for teaching us how to brush and floss our teeth.  Thank you for teaching us so we don't get cavities.

Sarah H. - Student in the Webster Groves School District

Dear Dr. Grimaud, 

Thank you for teaching our class.  Who are you teaching right now? I to take care of my teeth a lot.  

Chloe H. - Student in the Webster Groves School District

Dear Dr. Grimaud,

Thank you for bringing your helpful assistant to our class.  My teeth are very white and I have one that wiggles.  I eat very healthy food.

Annabelle - Student in the Webster Groves School District

"Dear Dr. Joe, 

Thank you so much for taking me on, and helping me get my teeth in good shape - I am all smiles for your good care and the smiles and caring attitude of your staff. You really did make all of my visits very easy to do. 

Thanks again!
Jeanne R.

Dr. Joseph Grimaud of Watson Point Dental, provides to our students of Edgar Road , a wonderful presentation concerning dental health. Every February (Dental Health Month), Dr “Joe”, as the students call him, donates his time to our students. His presentations are geared to the age level of the students. Dr Joe and one of his assistants, demonstrate with a large model of teeth, the correct way to brush & floss and explain the reasons. They give our students a good understanding of the importance of dental hygiene. Dr. Joe demonstrates the utmost patience with the little ones. The students & staff of Edgar Road School , appreciate Dr. Joe’s visits to our school.

Marci Lauter R.N., School Nurse

"Dr. Grimaud,

It is a pleasure to write about the great collaboration we in the Webster Groves School District have with Dr. Joseph Grimaud and his staff at the Watson Pointe Dental. Dr. Grimaud makes visits to the schools here in Webster Groves to talk to students about the importance of good dental hygiene, he give talks that are age appropriate to the students and makes the presentations fun. He and his staff have also participated in our District Wellness Fairs where he provided information and samples to our students, staff and the community. The school nurses feel very comfortable referring families to Dr. Grimaud because they know of the great care he gives his patients of all ages"
Gayle Hennessey
Director of Student Services

A testimonial related to our overseas mission to to view.

“I initially went to Dr. Joe on a recommendation because I had a dental emergency and had no choice but to seek treatment. Prior to that initial visit, I hadn’t been to the dentist for many, many years. Dr. Joe and his wonderful staff were patient with me and explained my options thoroughly. They took the time to ease my anxieties and made sure I got a good result; my teeth look and feel better than they have in a long time. Now I go faithfully for my regular check-ups. My daughter, age 7, is also a Watson Pointe Dental patient and actually gets excited about her visits. I definitely recommend Dr. Joe and Watson Pointe Dental to all my friends and family!”

Sandra Lee
Attorney at Law


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